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Abortion Pill

Medical Abortion also known as early termination of pregnancy involves taking a pair of pills before 12 weeks of pregnancy. The two pills are routinely prescribed in combination; the first terminates the pregnancy, while the second causes uterine contractions and expels it and now days women prefer having abortions by taking the abortion pill than undergoing a surgical abortion.


abortion pill

Women considering abortions need to understand the risks and options  available that are in the best interest  of her health, safety and welfare because no form of contraception is 100 per cent effective, and women will always need straightforward access to abortion services as a back-up if they are to plan their lives and families in the best way they see fit.

Medical abortion is not the same as emergency contraception known as morning-after pill or Plan B. Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy and can work for up to five days after having unprotected sex whereas a Medical Abortion is the early termination of a pregnancy using a pill.


Abortion Pill Side effects

There are several side effects associated with using the Abortion pill and these include:-

  • bleeding, often heavier than a menstrual period
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort (cramps, nausea and diarrhea)
  • Dizziness, chills and slight headaches.

Apart from the long-term health effects of the Abortion pill, some doctors still question the drug’s safety in the short term because sometimes infection may occur from with a dangerous, rare bacterium called Clostridium sordellii, one of the Clostridium species that may normally live in the vagina of healthy, non-pregnant women. However, most women who have undergone a medical abortion procedure feel it was a good choice for them because it affords them privacy and they are able to terminate the pregnancy in its earliest stages.


How safe is the Abortion pill

Recent studies have found that less than 1 percent of women who take the abortion pill experience serious medical side effects. In rare cases, bacteria can make its way into your cervix and cause an infection, but there’s no evidence that the pill causes that. Women who have abortions don’t suffer long-term psychological trauma. Women who are more than 35 years of age and who also smoke 10 or more cigarettes per day should be treated with caution because such patients were generally excluded from clinical trials of mifepristone ( abortion pill name )

Doctors who provide reproductive health care should be willing to administer medical abortions. Does yours?


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